Wearable Backpacks [1.11.2]

Wearable Backpacks Mod

Awesome mod what adds new way of inventory increasement. But it’s not usual backpacks like in other mods: this mod lets you wear cool 3D-model of backpack. It will be on your back like in real life. And you’ll get some different colors, for every taste.
But one very important thing exists: if any other mod keep items of the backpacks straight in them, backpack from WB makes you carry it’s content in your own inventory. Of course, because you carry the backpack on your back, you can’t wear several backpacks with content.
Default, backpacks has a function of armor: they occupy an armor slot (instead of breastplate) and protects you from attacks and damage like leather analogue. Yes, it’s not pretty good armor, and you will choose between better protection or larger inventory. Anyway, you can fully customize it if you won’t be satisfied.
Co-op play: play Minecraft with friends and share backpacks! Having of backpack on your back looks great, buit it is also very useful: other players can open your inventory – they can steal ores or diamonds (if you have them), but also they can give you some torches or something like it what can be useful on the roadstead.
Dying is fun: you lose all your items burnt in the lava pool when you make holes in it. Don’t panic, all of them will be… safe: backpack will wait you on the death place, and if nobody steal items from it or break, explose it, you will can pick it up.
Backpacks can be painted using 16 cool colors, what you can mix to get unique one.
Fully configurated: one of goals of Wearable Backpacks mod – awesome customization what lets you tune backpacks for every target – personal wearing, murders in hardcore or anything else.

Hint: think about backpacks as wearable chests. After creating, slip and break it to equip. You will notice that your equip works faster then breaks.

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