Utility Worlds Mod 1.12/1.11.2

Utility Worlds Mod

Utility Worlds Mod lets you try three new dimensions what can be reached after building of the corresponding portals: Void Portal, Mining Portal, and Garden Portal.


At the moment of first activation by player’s right click every portal will craft corresponding dimension and teleport you there. There will be placed a Return Portal at the place player arrived: as with Nether and Ender portal you can use it to return to crafted by you portal. You can pick blocks of portal up and bring it even to another dimensions.
Return Portals can only be moved in the dimension they were spawned in.
Server OPs can right-click a new (but not activated yet) portal whereas sneaking to forcibly bind to an existing dimension, using a GUI. You can use binding from within a Utility Worlds dimension to the overworld (via GUI) cautiously. The created overworld portal can be placed in a bad location.

Common things for all worlds:

  • There is no weather.
  • Noon is always (it means that sun at it’s zenith)

Mining World characteristics:

  • Fully flat.
  • Here are no caves, water or lava. You must know that another mods can change it, and don’t try to prevent it!
  • There are 5 levels of flat bedrock.
  • Generation of ores and spawning of mobs such like as Extreme Hills.

Void World features:

  • Skies are black (you can configurate brightness of stars, but in default there are no stars).
  • Viewed as a plains biome.
  • There are no any structures in the Void World.
  • 9×9 stone platform where the Return Portal is appeared.
  • If any player dies in the Void World, he respawns at the same block he appeared in this demension, so don’t dig it if you don’t wan’t to enter the loop of death.

About Garden World:

  • Fully flat.
  • Consists of 4 levels of dirt on one level of bedrock.
  • Here is no generation of ore.
  • Here is no spawning of mobs.



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