Thermal Expansion Mod 1.12/1.11.2


Thermal Expansion Mod is the core of the ‘Thermal’ series. As the original Team CoFH mod, it adds different mechanisms, tools and a lot of another different things, and most of them are based on the Redstone. Expanding Minecraft Thermally.
It loves servers, it has a lot of content, it is a mixture of magic and technologies – it is the Thermal Expansion.

Thermal Expansion origins as some add-on for BuildCraft, but now it’s more-more huge. This contains a tech tree with some new machines, balanced and flexible crafts, so now TE is one of the root mods in modded Minecraft. From the moment of it’s release, the Redstone Flux has become the one what is supporting by the generality of tech- and related with this theme mods.

What does it add?

New cool machines: make your ore yield larger, gen cobblestone easier, freeze water into ice state faster, grow your grow your harvest effilaciouser, and etc. Upgrade your mechanisms with also added enhacements.
Dynamos: make the Redstone with Lava and Steam, Fuel and Redstone, and even Sewage!
Devices: activate items being stand-alone, teleport them wherever you want to, send undesireble matter to /dev/null and throw your friends straight into the air!
Storages: keep your things, liquids or Redstone Flux safely and portably!
Lighting: add some cool color to your base! Lighting blocks can be any colored and respond to Redstone signal in different ways!
Tools: regulate blocks, measure all the items, copy machine settings and light forests on fire from a length!
Florbs: throw hot liquids in your enemies’ faces, throw not so hot liquids in your mates and vice versa!
Mod is supported: look up crafts in machines, imbibe Ender through a straw, get research points from mechanisms and forge bright hammers!

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