The Meat Mod 1.11.2/1.8.9

The Meat Mod

The Meat Mod gives you a new method to accumulate everything that is a meat: new food, new weapon, new armor, new blocks.

Blocks: at this moment there are 15 new blocks in this mod: Raw Chicken one, compressed and cooked version of it, etc. This is the pattern every block follows but with different kinds of meat. It can be used for storage and fast cooking of your food. Also here is a block of wood meat. Moreover, there is a meat ore what will be spawn all over the world randomly. There also will appear new block – placeholder: it is for ultra meat block, and it will be released some later with a cluster of new items.

Items: of course, how can true mod exist without new items? Here are tools raw\cooked armour and compressed food what you can eat! Tools do the same things as their versions from vanilla Minecraft and can be crafted from meat ingots. You can’t eat tools. There is also an ultra version of meat what can be made from different kinds of meat. You can even craft a potion from meat: meat potion gives power and…slowness. A lot of items can become a food for your dogs and even heal ’em.

Mobs: at this moment there are 5 new mobs (one of them has no functions now). They all are meat: meat zombie, raw beat dog, heir cooked versions, and the Meat Dragon. You can domesticate dogs, make them your mates, tag it, and even ride it (just try to attack such dog if you are an it’s owner). Meat Dragon is just decoration: it won’t do too many cool things or something else, so don’t delude yourself.

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