SecurityCraft [1.10.2]

SecurityCraft Mod

SecurityCraft Mod adds precisely what it’s name suggests: different lasers, scaners of retina, unbreakable doors, cool keypads and more. Well works with mods like Smart Moving, Secret Rooms, and the Wall Jump mod. Now you can set up passwords and codes for unbreakable [for everydoby except owner] doors.

When you place two blocks of laser tripwire in 5 blocks of each other. There mustn’t be any blocks between! If all is right, these blocks spawn a laser beam, and when you try walk through this, it gives out redstone signal.

Place the keypad block: the first time after right-click it displays a setup screen what allows you to create you passcode ONLY for this keypad. After you hit that button/ right-click the block the second time and later, it requires you to enter your passcode. When you type it correctly, it closes the menu and gives out redstone signal for 3 seconds.

Place the mine, and every creation who tries walk on it (except a cat, ocelot, or creeper) will be automatically exploded. It can’t be placed on cactuses, flowers, any glass, or in air.

Acts like usual iron doors, but they are truly unbreakable. Was it a case when you made a huge obsidian bunker and thought that nobody can break it, but the next time you get back you can see that doors are broken, everything is lost. It’s time to stop that! Plop down these guys, and only the player who places this can break it using the door remover.

SecurityCraft Mod

When you place two scanners with one block distance from each other, a field will spawn between them, and it is like the Laser Block. Right-clicking one of these blocks, and it will be open an interface which will allow you to enter block/item ID’s. If a player walks inside of the field between the two blocks carrying a block/item with the same ID as any ID you entered (in the GUI), it will automatically be removed. Even if the player will try to throw the block/item through this field, it will also be deleted. In a future update, it will store those remote items in an imbedded inventory.

SecurityCraft Mod


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