Pet Bat [1.11.2]

Pet Bat Mod

Pet Bat Mod adds a posibility to tame a bat-companion who also will help you kill mobs.

  • Can be killed by attacks [of other players], breaking a block.
  • If bat gets stuck, but it’s owner runs farther, bat will be teleported straight into his inventory.
  • Bats are not fireproof or resistant to lava and explosions.
  • On the 3rd level, pet gets a 33% life stealing on attack effect.
  • On the max level, pet gets enchantment visuals.
  • If bat die, it returns as Item to owner’s inventory and you have to feed you pet before it can fly again.|
  • If owner is offline, after dead bat actually dies and losts.
  • Your inventory is a safe place, if only you won’t die.
  • Ownership of a Pet Bat does not transfer with the Item bat, the tamer stays it’s owner.
  • Other players can feed them pumpkin pie by dropping it hereabouts.
  • Only newly dropped pie counts.
  • Domestic bats provides night vision to players, regardless of it’s health.
  • Severally from healing the bat what doesn’t do very much.
  • After 5th level bats can not advance further.
  • If you are not in battle, bat will always follow you and remain close to.

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