MetaMorph Mod 1.12/1.11.2

MetaMorph Mod

MetaMorph Mod (from Metamorphosis) is a survival mod what is based on shape shifting/morphing. This mod supports multiplayer. In the main, Metamorph is a mod what works like Morph mod or Shape Shifter Z mod. Here are more than 30 cool mobs in what can be you morphed in the Minecraft now! Become every mob in the Minecraft and get it’s powers and abilities!

If you want to morph into a mob, you need to get a morph in the first order. To get it, kill a creation. How it looks like: do you want become the chicken? – Kill a chicken! In the Creative mod you anyway can can select any mob you want.

What about Morphs:

Remember, that every morph you fit out gives you an unique look, size, health Every morph you equip or apply grant you different look, size, and health capacitance, etc. Except this, every morph has it’s own abilities, type of attack and action. Except those properties, every morph also has special abilities, attack and action.

Capabilities provide special properties to morphs. When you-chicken fall, it happens very slowly, so you never won’t take any damage (of course, if you have not fallen straight into the lava). Spider\CaveSpider morphs let you to climb on the wall. With the Bat morph you will can fly or activate night vision.

Attack is an effect what you apply on any creation you attack, and it is not only physical damage: for exaple, if you will be in CaveSpider morph and try to strike any entity, it will get poison effect. If you, being in VillagerGolem morph, try to hit somebody, your opponent will be launched high into the air.

Action is a special capacity what can be triggered by “action key” (in default – “V”). For example, rabbit-you will jup very high; creeper-you will explode, and so on.

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Unfortunately, not all over mobs have such cool abilities – read this list below:

  • Bat – can fly and has night vision
  • Cave Spider – attacks with poison and can climb the walls
  • Chicken – slow glide (safe falling)
  • Cow – nothing
  • Horse – jumps high
  • Mooshroom – nothing
  • Ocelot – nothing
  • Pig – nothing
  • Polar bear – nothing
  • Rabbit – nothing
  • Sheep – nothing
  • Spider – can climb the walls
  • Squid – can breath underwater and swims very fast
  • Wolf – nothing
  • Enderman – can teleportate, but afraids of water
  • Iron Golem – his hits get super knockback
  • Snow Golem – nothing
  • Villager – nothing
  • Zombie Pigman – has fire immunity
  • Blaze – can fly, and shoot with fireballs; moreover, it has an immunity of fire
  • Creeper – suicidal explosion
  • Ghast – can fly, and shoot with fireballs; moreover, it has an immunity of fire
  • Guardian – can breath underwater and swims very fast
  • Magma cube – can jump high
  • Silverfish – nothing
  • Skeleton – afraids of the Sun
  • Slime – can jump high
  • Witch – when you attack, drops random negative dash potion)
  • Wither Skeleton – withering attacks, and immunity of fire
  • Zombie – afraids of the Sun

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These capabilities are proved and they are actually in game code now, but at this moment they are nonfunctional. They are realized in the main.

Ticking capabilities:

  • Fly – only creative; speaks for itself
  • Glide – very slow and safe falling
  • Breath underwater – endless time under water
  • Swim – swimming is faster
  • Allergies – you will get damage from “PHENOMENON_NAME”
  • Snow walk – snow appears under the feet when you walk
  • Climb up the wall – when you’re beside the wall you can climb it
  • Fire immunity – speaks for itself
  • Fall damage prevention – for mobs who jumps high
  • Jumping – for slimes; ‘you can jump’ means that you can ONLY jump – no walking more
  • Night vision – for bats: lets you see in darkness
  • Throw negative potion – press ‘V’ to be like a witch
  • Shoot snow ball – press ‘V’ to throw snow ball
  • Teleport – ‘V’ to teleport somewhere
  • Shoot fire – ‘V’ to throw fireball)
  • Creeper suicide action explode – press ‘V’ and make cool explosion, but die
  • Jump – just jump higher, nothing complicated

Картинки по запросу metamorph mod

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