Immersive Craft Mod 1.12/1.11.2

Immersive Craft Mod

Immersive Craft Mod gives you one more cool method of handling, crafting and storing objects in Minecraft.

  • Adds a chest you can see and interact with items into it.
  • Gives you a cupboard that works the same with new chest but it is placed on the wall.
  • Adds an oven that copies an usual furnace functionally, but also has in-world interaction. You need to use flint and steel to inflame the coal in the oven.
  • Lets you place any tools (axes, swords, …) on every block – just right-click it with an instrument you want on the block you want.
  • Adds worldgen for sticks and rocks in the world, but you can switch this function off if you are not satisfied with it
  • Gives a workbench to let you craft with new cool way. This workbench works, but some incorrect: after certain number of usings it will be broken. Presumably, it will be patched later. If you anyway wanna try new workbench, just place two logs near and right-click it with a stone axe in your hand.
  • Adds a chisel and saw what can be used in the toolslot of the workbench.
  • You can place sticks on the ground it 64-stacks. Use flint to burn it.

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