Gadgets n’ Goodies Mod 1.12/1.11.2

Gadgets n’ Goodies Mod

Gadgets n’ Goodies Mod lets you craft many cool items what are perfect for co-op playing. Install this mod and make block-shooter, jetpack, flamethrower and more-more-more!

  • Fireball Dispenser – it is just fireball-launcher what uses Fire Charges for shooting. It’s like ‘Become the Ghast!’ You can change the power of fireballs by Shift+RMB, but don’t forget that this weapon also has such characteristic as durability, and Dispenser loses it according to the formula (Shot power x 3 + 1). Maximal power is 3, minimal is 0 (can not destroy any bloc but damages alive creations).
  • Musical Instrument – it is just a note block on the stick what can be used to getting different sound tones with rotating on X-axis and, as usual note block, it can play in two octaves, but look higher and tone will be higher, look lower – tone also will be lower. It’s simple!
  • Egg Dispenser – just an egg but with one small advantage: you haven’t to switch egg stack every 16th one.
  • Block-o-Copter – this item launches blocs and creatures into the air. RMB-click on any of them and enjoy the view of it’s fly. Of course, it can’t launch Bedrock (I think, you know why) and can make obsidian bloc fly only half of distance (too heavy). Do you wanna some fun? Use it on TNT-bloc and watch as it explodes high in air, making a pretty beautiful fireworks.
  • Grappling Hook – this name speaks for itself. Shoot in any bloc and fly directly to it! It’s similar with grappling hook from Just Cause series but it’s actually, no matter how strange it may sound, even more realistic: don’t try to use it for getting down because, unlike Just Cause, you will be damaged. Yes, this hook respects physic laws. It can shoot on 32 bloc distance – not very much, but don’t get upset: anyway, gravity won’t let it fly further. Small advice: don’t use it on an old versions of OS: physics of grappling hooks is pretty advanced, so it can cause lags or even bug when a game doesn’t calculate gravity so you will fly into the sky infinitely till you try to shoot one more time after what you will fall and can die of it.
  • Jetpack – yes, right, Jetpack. If you hear about Jetpack first, it is a rucksack with rockets on it what lets you fly. You can find similar items in mods as Industrial Craft 2 or Simply Jetpacks, but this version has an advantage – safety protocol. If you try to fly without equipped helmet it will burst in and turn of the Jetpack. So don’t try to fly it without head defense. Fuel is coal, 1 piece per second. Jetpack also has durability – 549 units = 549 seconds of flight.
  • Flame Thrower – this device shoots fire in a short distance from you, making all blocs and creatures burn. Like Jetpack, it needs a coal for work – also one piece per second. Durability is 549, but it loses one unit per every tick (one tick is 1\20 of a second), so that’s enough for 27,5 seconds of continuous using. Not so much as we want, but what to do?