Funky Locomotion Mod 1.12/1.11.2

Funky Locomotion Mod

Funky Locomotion Mod lets you use an innovative version of the vanilla piston what can push a larger variety of blocs than the usual one can’t (including tile entities, ‘heavy blocks’ such like obsidian and ‘soft blocks’ such as torches and redstone dust).

All you need is a redstone signal and update of the block (it can be induced by the redstone signal) to replace. Here is also a version of this what can ‘pull’ blocs for it (but can not push unlike the sticky piston). If you want rotate pusher in the direction you need, just right-click it.
This mod also gives you a possibility of using of ‘Frames’ what can connect together and ‘stick’ to neighboring blocks. When such frame is pushed/pulled, the entire structure it is connected with is pushed (if there is enough space). You can ‘close it’ with right-click on it’s side with a wrench in your hand and avert frames from adhesion to bloc or frame on this side. Note: it doesn’t both ways and the frame with an ‘open’ side will connect to a frame with a ‘closed’ side. The ‘open/closed’ settings will be saved when you remove the block.

Note: the Frame pusher/puller can’t replace itself but it can replace another Pusher/Pullers. Also Frames can’t connect to the front side of a pusher/puller.

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