Draconic Evolution Mod 1.12/1.11.2

Картинки по запросу draconic evolution mod

Draconic Evolution Mod adds new powerful and effilacious weapon, useful tools, armor, new kinds of machinery, storages, etc. All over these items depend on Draconium Ore, what generates in the Nether and in the End. A lot of items are presented in two or more tiers – from Wyvern to Dragon, fair amount stronger. You can find all over items and ways of using in Minecraft below the Draconic Evolution Information Tablet.


  • Energy Core: it is the peak of Draconic researchment, and now you can use this force to accumulate more force than before. You can use multi-blocks to build ever-larger accumulators.
  • Weather controller: if you want use this, just place it and click it with one emerald in your hand (only one, not more) to charge it. The next time it will rain just make redstone signal to activate this and stop the rain. You also can make redstone signal constant – it means that every time when the rain will be started it will be immediately stopped. Weather controller can make the rain or thunderstorm – 1 emerald for 10 charges, and the number of charges will be indicated on one of block’s sides.
  • Mob Grinder: everybody needs effilacious mob farms, and paying a bit of coal, charcoal or some any solid fuel you will be know, that Draconic force will help you with it!
  • Generator: have you ever find that you need simple coal. If yes, now there is a generator to satisfy this need in the Minecraft! When it’s used in pair with some other blocks, transferring of power works better!
  • Spawner: and now it is the mechanic spawners time! To get it started, click one of spawners from vanilla version of the game to control it. Now you have an empty spawner what can be transported away (picked up only with Draconic tools, don’t forget) – use soul of any mob (soul is a new drop you can get it with 0,1% chanche, but it can be modified) on the spawner to get it charged. You can upgrade it with infused compound, dragonic compound, Nether star, Notch Apple and one very secret and rare item (use in-game tips to get more info about this).
  • Admin Dislocator: if you admin the server or make maps, this block was made especially for you (for the Creative mode because recipe of this block doesn’t exist). Effect of using of this block is actually random. Nearest player to the block will be teleported to a random location distanced on 1000-10000 blocks from Admib Dislocator whet this one will be used.
  • Draconic Infuser: you have seen that you need more fast way of transferring energy and now you can to do it. This Infuser transfers energy faster than other rechargers from this mod.
  • Particle Generator: just decorative, these blocks allow fully tune particle offects what can be created.
  • Distortion Flame: probably, at least once you have seenstrange grapical glitch what sometimes happens during chunks’ loading what lets you see throughover the world, see all caves and mines. This block gives you an opportunity to replicate this effect – just place it on the next block in front of you. That effect can be very useful if you want find new cave system or better learn old one, but you don’t want to dig a lot. Maybe even rare things and items another players can not (or do not want) to look for. You must pay some Nether Stars, and this block is very fragile – it can not be removed – only fully destructed (and even pickaxe with “Silk touch” enchantment won’t help you with it).
  • Sun Dial: this is a very potent block what lets you change the time. Just place it in the world and apply redstone signal (it must be constant!). Whet the device will be charged, time will go in 30 times faster. When the Sun will be on needing place, just switch off the redstone signal.

Картинки по запросу draconic evolution mod

Ritual of Ender Ressurection:

The ritual of Ender Resurrection lets you to summon the Ender Dragon.

To set it up right you have to find:

  • Resurrection Stone – 1 pc.
  • Glowstone Blocks – 4 pcs.
  • Obsidian – 4 pcs.
  • Diamond Blocks – 4 pcs.
  • Charged Draconium Blocks (can be got by charging a Draconium block with 100M RF) – 4pcs.
  • Quartz Pillars – 12 pcs.

You haven’t to build pillars exactly it that configuration as long as they are within 5 blocks of the Resurrection Stonem but it looks better when they are symmetric. When you have that setup just right click the Ritual stone and go back. The ritual will be starte immediately if you have made everything right. During the ritual all of the Ender Crystals will be re-activated. At the end of the ritual it will be a huge explosion at the center of reviver’s structure: it won’t damage environment a lot, but everything alive what will be too close will die. Spawned dragon will be almost the same as the Original, but it has different structure and it is more tenacious = more hard to kill. Moreover, this version of Ender Dragon deals you more damage, and it will be raise every time when you summon the Dragon (but raising process will be stopped when killing of Dragon is enough difficult), and it generates for 25 secs.

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