Better Foliage Mod 1.12/1.11.2

Better Foliage Mod

Better Foliage Mod is remake of some functions from Better Grass and Leaves Mod. BFM contains more lawny and fuzzy textures of grass and leaves.

  • Shaders mod interaction: if you use any shader mod, you’ll like this: wind effects what you can see in leaves’ and grasses’ shaders will be work with ALL blocks from the same group. It means you haven’t to edit your mod to see changes in not-vanilla blocks. By the way: if you are done with disconnection between top- and bottom blocks (double-height plants), you can just switch this disconnection off!
  • Extra leaves: this feature adds extra morsels of leaves to leaf blocs placed at 45° angles. It won’t be strictly cubic more – leaf block will become more tight and fuzzy. You can choose blocs what will be considered as leaves in the settings. “Round” textures will be automatically generated by Better Foiliage, and it doesn’t matter which resource pack you use – standard or any extra.
  • Short Grass & Mycelium: this function generates pieces of small grass on the tops of grass blocks and mycelium blocks (but with another texture). It makes fields and forests more alive. As the “Extra Leaves”, this feature generates advanced textures automatically.
  • Round Logs: now wooden logs will become more round (octagons instead of rectangles). It is an experimental thing so it can cause graphical glitches – be careful.
  • Better cactuses: Adds a rounded core into the cactus blocks’ centers, plus smaller cactus appendages on sides.
  • Better Lilypads: This function adds roots to the lilies. Roots are stuck in the water. With some chance, there will be a flower on the top of water lily.
  • Reeds: now there will be canes on top of dirt blocks in shallow water. It makes exploration of rivers and lakes more amusing. “Dirt”-category can be configurated as you want, and you can choose biomes where this effect will work too – by default, canes in shallow water can grow at any place except cold and arid biomes.
  • Algae: do you like green algae and are you disappointed because there are no algae in te vanilla Minecraft? Not a problem: henceforth there will be algae on top side of dirt blocks in DEEP water. Makes deep underwater exploration more sapid.
  • Coral: adds corals on blocks of sand placed deep below water line. Great addition to algae what will make your underwater excursions more Makes underwater scenery look more sipid.
  • And more-more-more.

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